• Two or more players
  • The aim of each team is to hit its own target goals to score points and to defend the opposition's goals and prevent them from scoring.
  • Two or more goals per team
  • Goal locations teleport after each goal
  • Play is fast and fun to watch as a spectator


  • 600 mm disk with intergrated vibration sensors and flashing lights.
  • When the goal is hit by the Tizzball, the goal teleports to a new location.


  • The team that has scored the great number of goals when the game timer reaches zero (0) is the winner.
  • Alternative games where first team to score wins


  • ZapBall can be played in many existing outdoor and indoor venues:-
    • Feilds
    • Woodland
    • Paintball
    • Event spaces
    • Basketball
    • Indoor Football (soccer)
    • Netball
    • Korfball 
    • Squash (Fast Court League)


  • The game shall consist of three (3) periods of three (3) to five (5) minutes.