Players blast at sequencing, illuminated targets to produce zany sound effects and electronic scores. Fast responses and quick hand/eye coordination win! 

They can be set as mines ● re-energisers ● medic ● ammo ● base ● targets ● headquarters



  • Unlimited number of basic stand-alone targets
  • 256 maximum number of wired network targets
  • 16 maximum number of wired target scene controllers
  • 127 maximim number of RF wi-fi targets


Stand-alone Targets features:

  • Triggers interactive sounds
  • Transmits bonus sniper fire
  • Transmits bonus invincibility (can’t get hit)
  • Transmits bonus points
  • Transmits re-spawn (energiser)
  • Detonator transmits removal of players lives
  • Detonator transmits point penalty


RF Wi-fi target features

  • Automated control from Control System
  • Transmits/Receives same as POD & Stand-alone
  • Transmits bonus power increase
  • Transmits bonus rapid fire feature
  • Transmits bonus invisibility (stealth)
  • Transmits bonus shield increase
  • Detonator transmits removal of invincibility
  • Detonator transmits decrease in power
  • Detonator transmits removal of rapid fire


  • Detonator transmits removal of stealth


* requires wi-fi networked target system controller







Other shooters besides Blaster can also shoot at the Target. The Turrent Cannons are a popular style of shooting device is the MegaOrb as it bright, fun, futuristic and non-combatant in design. It features a pivoting spring mounts which versatilely connects to most structures.